Thank you from your winner, Stefan

Firstly, thank you everyone.

stefanlines-wI feel incredibly honoured to have been voted the winner of the Big Data Zone, and maybe even more so just to have had to chance to speak to so many of you about Science. I have to admit, I felt a little empty this morning when I awoke to an absence of questions to answer, followed by a subdued day of no live chats. There were certainly plenty of questions that took me out of my comfort zone; How does gravity work? Why do we dream? What is consciousness? I found myself regularly being caught out by the most fundamental questions, which was fantastic, because I was provoked into researching the answers. So thank you for helping me learn more about my own subject. Also, with all the excitement of winning, I could almost forget I now have the amazing opportunity to provide a selection of schools with a RaspberryPi!

Thank you also to the rest of the ‘Big Data Crew’; Anna, Rob, George and Jodi who all provided fantastic and insightful answers that I also learned from. My final thank you is to the I’m a Scientist team for organising such a unique and, I’m sure you will agree, successful event.

Hope to speak to all of you again in the near future, and maybe even visit some of your schools to talk a bit more about the exoplanets work I do here in the Bristol University Astrophysics department!

Thanks again,

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